A Bit of Light Reading

99.9% of the time, someone else can say something better than I can, and I like to read their wisdom. I'm intending this as a series where I aggregate articles I've found that I've enjoyed or found useful for whatever reason... hopefully they serve you as well as they've served me!

Quick Workouts from Top Trainers - Most of these only require a set of dumbbells and a bit of space (except the one with the rowing machine...) and actually seem pretty practical.

Fit a Workout Into a Lunch Break with this Minute-by-Minute Plan - I do not succeed on this "quick workout" riffraff without explicit instruction. Found it!

Best European Cities to Visit Off the Beaten Path - I've only hit one of these so far (!!!) but can't wait to Czech a few off my list (humor me).

How to Teach Yourself to be a Morning Person - The Man Repeller made me snort-laugh on this one.

How to Trick Yourself Into Being a Morning Person - This one's a bit more self-bribey, but very helpful.

Need to Get Some Real Work Done? Have a Glass of Wine at Lunch - I'm newly crushing on Adam Rapoport, the Editor in Chief of BA. Him telling me to drink at lunchtime during work only adds to the allure.