A Brief Word About Holiday Travel

Tomorrow, I start work with a new client. This client is known as a company who both garners respect and demands getting their way. Think "The Devil Wears Prada," and you're not far off. As such, when said client set up our first meeting at 10am on July 5, my team was obligated to fly out on Independence Day to ensure we arrive on time. Obvious reasons aside, this stinks. Yes, I missed out on rooftop parties and aggressive patriotic summer attire. But worse? After an otherwise phenomenal weekend, I am treated to an unfortunate combination of people who could not care less about the holiday (read: foreign visitors or businesspeople) or people who care a LOT (read: those individuals lying somewhere on the Holiday Drunk-Hungover spectrum). As someone who was, sadly, obligated to keep her disposition in check, this does not make for a fun airport experience. The smells, the slows, the struggs. They're almost too much. I had to get a to-go margarita from Frontera on the way to my gate just to cope. And, okay, mostlyto feel like I didn't completely miss out on America time.

Moral of the story?

Take July 5 off of work, no matter what. Trust me.