Airplanes. Are. Disgusting.

I don't particularly consider myself a germaphobe, but I still get squeamish every time I get on a plane... which is a LOT. I will do you one small favor and not take you down the rabbit trail of my thoughts which have basically caused me to try and find a way to levitate over my cushion, but if you think about it on your own... yeah. It makes sense. A recent flight home from Orlando had me on a giant bird which really just pushed me to the edge and (lucky you) inspired me to write this post. IMG_0525

Yes, this photo seems relatively innocuous. "Just a couple candy wrappers in the seatback pocket! Calm down, Sarah!" you think. But what I couldn't capture were the Cheetos, empty cups, and candy beneath my seat, and even worse, the wrappers and bacon bits on my seat. I got goosebumps just typing that. I won't get into the fact that the plane sat for two hours between flights and still looked like literal garbage, but its presence leads to a bigger issue. When airlines don't even attempt to clean the things we can see, what do you think happens with the things that we can't see?

That's right. Nothing. The little germies fester and multiply and LIVE on the flying metal carcass we so rely upon.

There is no moral to this story, other than to hand sanitizer (and / or wipes) with you when you travel. That reminds me, mine just ran out.

Thanks to Thrillist for enlightening me on just how bad it is.